Algae Could Be a Source for Green Energy

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Green Energy

A study published in the journal ‘Technology’ reveals that scientists from Concordia University in Montreal have developed a technique that harnesses electrical energy from blue–green algae.

A group of researchers led by Muthukumaran Packirisamy created a power cell that harnesses electrical energy from photosynthesis and respiration of blue–green algae. According to the scientists, both photosynthesis and respiration in plant cells involve electron transfer. Trapping those electrons will allow us to harness the electrical energy that is naturally produced in the blue–green algae during photosynthesis and respiration.

At present, the photosynthetic power cell exists on a small scale and consists of an anode, cathode and proton exchange membrane. The blue–green algae are placed in the anode chamber, which is further connected to a device where electrons released by the algae are extracted to harness power. The technology certainly has the potential to mobilise the world towards green energy.

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