Aliens for Real? Kepler Spots Signs

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Alien Signs

Astronomers have spotted strange changes in light around a star located deep in space which they expect to be some megastructures built by aliens. The speculation came up from the findings of a star named KIC 8462852 by Kepler telescope.

Kepler telescope searches for earth like planet by watching for variations in light that occur as planets cross their star. However, light from KIC 8462852 didn’t indicate there was a planet. Some astronomers believe that it might be one of the biggest clouds of space. KIC 8462852 is about 1,481 light years away from earth.

Astronomers believe that if it is an alien megastructure then it would most likely be a Dyson sphere which is a huge shell structure that sits around a star collecting all of its energy. Dyson sphere is a thought wherein civilisations look to harness more energy from star through an advanced form of solar panel.

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