Ancient Tribe of Britain

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lost Civilization

Archaeologists from England have planned to undertake a mammoth task of searching the lost tribes of prehistoric Britain at the bottom of the North Sea which is due to begin later this month. The plan is to search for evidence of Stone Age activity on Britain’s very own ‘Atlantis’ - a vast prehistoric land that was once located between England and Southern Scandinavia.

The vast land disappeared 7500 years ago because of rising sea levels. Archaeologists hope to find evidence of flint tool manufacture used by Stone Age man, plant pollen and DNA of plant and animal species. This is the largest multi million pound project ever attempted anywhere in the world. The excavation will lead to the development of new scientific techniques and capabilities.

Earlier survey work in southern part of North Sea had identified the submerged territory’s original river valleys. Archaeologists during the project will target two drowned valleys. The project comes in the backdrop of rediscovering the environment of prehistoric Britain, its vegetation and how it affected humans. Atlantis originally covered 100,000 square miles of what is now the North Sea. The submerging of Atlantis is largely linked to the end of the Ice Age following which sea levels began to rise at an unprecedented level.

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