Bee Venom to Eradicate HIV

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Venom v/s Venom

In a major breakthrough, scientists from Washington have discovered that toxin found in bee venom can actually eliminate HIV.

If the finding is foolproof, it can be used to produce a vaginal gel that can be used as a preventive measure in countries and places where HIV is rampant. Bee venom carries a toxin melittin that pokes holes in the protective envelope surrounding HIV. However, melittin in large amounts can be harmful to the body. Researchers, therefore, loaded the toxin in nanoparticles to prevent the melittin from harming normal cells. This is because the nanoparticles’ surfaces have protective bumpers that aid them in bouncing whenever they come in contact with normal cells which are larger in size. HIV, on the other hand, is smaller than nanoparticles and when they come in contact with the surface of the nanoparticles, they stick to the bumper and are infected by the melittin.

If the findings are accurate then the stingy method can reduce the risk of HIV or eradicate it completely. Also, it can keep the body unharmed, that is, without any possible side effects.

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