Bird Feeding Could Spread Disease

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dangerous Bird Feeding

Researchers from the University of Georgia have stated that feeding birds in parks may not only affect their behaviour but also spread disease among humans.

Researchers during their research studied how being fed by humans is changing the health, ecology and behaviour of white ibises in South Florida. These white ibises are nomads who travel for miles every day in search of food. They normally feed on aquatic animals such as fish, snails and crayfish. However, feeding them in parks has brought about a change in their food eating habits and daily routine. They are now accustomed to food items such as bread, popcorn and fast food.

Sonia Hernandez, associate professor at University of Georgia said this could lead to serious consequences for both humans and white ibises. Researchers further warned that a shift towards more sedentary behaviour could transmit pathogens through faeces that may be harmful for both humans and birds. 

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