Blood Test to Predict Biological Age

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Biological Age

Scientists from Kings College, London have discovered a simple blood test that could tell the biological age of a person instead of the chronological age. The team states that determining the biological age of a person is more useful and accurate than using date of birth to predict a person’s age.

Researchers state that they are looking at biological age as real predictor of healthy life. The test looks for signs of ageing in the body’s cell by comparing the behaviour of 150 different genes. The test was initially developed by comparing 54,000 markers of gene activity in healthy but largely sedentary 25 and 65-year-old people which was later brought down to 150.

Scientists instead of looking for genes associated with disease or extreme longevity discovered that activation of 150 genes in the blood, brain and muscle tissue were indicators of good health at 65. Following the experiment researchers were able to create a reproducible formula for healthy ageing that tells how a person is ageing when compared to others born in the same year.  

It often appears that a person who is 60 may look like 45 and vice versa. This characteristic is due to various factors such as poor lifestyle and so on. Scientists who worked on this project stated that the test could be beneficial in predicting Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage.  

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