Bomb Disposal Device

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bombs Away

European researchers in a research funded by the European Union have developed and tested a fairly light–weight device named OPTIX (Optical Technologies for the Identification of Explosives) that is capable of detecting extremely minute quantities of explosives from a range of up to 20 metres.

The range and efficiency it offers makes it a handy tool for law–enforcement agencies to fight against bomb attacks. This is the first time that such sensitivity has been achieved in a bomb disposal device, thanks to the lasers that can identify the atomic and molecular structure of explosives. OPTIX uses advanced optical technologies and can be mounted on a compact remote vehicle to detect explosives.

The unique feature of the device is that it can detect explosives weighing less than 1 milligram, which can also be the residue left behind while handling the explosives.

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