Can Humans Transform Into Superhumans?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Superhuman Genes

The United States Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve a cholesterol-lowering treatment on 24 July on rare gene mutation of an aerobics instructor with very low cholesterol levels. This characteristic can be termed as a gift from the nature which according to science is a case of genetic irregularity. Yet, it has the potential to solve cholesterol problems that our generation is facing.

Scientists in this case have to identify the genetic mistake so that they are able to tweak genes and make human lives better. Two similar cases wherein genetic mistakes in humans have transformed them into superhumans have appeared. The first is the case of Steven Pete who is insensitive to pain. He can put his hand on a hot stove and not feel a thing, thanks to his rare genetic mutation. Only a few dozen people across the world share his ability and scientists look forward to making good use of his characteristic. This characteristic is known as congenital insensitivity to pain. Another case is that of Timothy Dreyer who has so dense bones that he could simply walk away from accidents without broken limbs. This condition is known as sclerosteosis and around 100 people share his ability.

These abilities make Steven and Timothy no less than superhumans. The only challenge before modern science is to harness these characteristics and use it for the benefit of human beings. The painkiller market is worth $18 billion a year, and capitalising on this will benefit the entire mankind. 

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