Chimps Too Remember Movie Scenes

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Memory Power

A study published in the journal Current Biology reports that chimpanzees and bonobos like humans can remember movie sequences and anticipate next move. The study was undertaken by researchers from Kyoto University’s Wildlife Research Centre.

Scientists for the study used eye-tracking technology to track how these apes were viewing video clips. The experiment involved repeating a video clip after 24 hours in which the apes anticipated the next move. Scientists for the experiment created two series of short films – King Kong Attack and Revenge to King Kong. In the first series there were two doors visible. All of a sudden an attacking King Kong emerges from either the left or right side. 24 hours later when they were shown the same clip their eyes hovered to that side from where the Kong was supposed to emerge.

Researchers believe that this trait can help these apes in avoiding impending danger, interact socially and navigate through complex environments. 

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