Chip to Diagnose Early Signs of Heart Attack

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heart-Attack Detector

In what could be described as ‘lab-on-a-chip’, Swiss scientists have developed a new and much simpler way to monitor chronic diseases as well as pulmonary diseases such as heart attacks. The new invention is an under-the-skin 14 mm implant that is designed to scan different substances in blood round the clock and deliver results to a doctor’s computer.

The chip is coated with enzyme that would react with substances inside the body that doctors want to monitor. This gives doctors a chance to identify early abnormalities. Simply put, it is like sounding an early warning system before something dangerous is about to happen in the body. The chip reacts to the presence of compounds and fluids in the body, and sends the data to a patch on the surface of the skin, which powers it to transmit data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or laptop, which is then relayed to the doctor. 

The chip can also be used to monitor cancer patients undergoing therapy and other deadly diseases. The device would be commercially available in four years much to the aid of people currently consuming cholesterol filled foods. It could also pave the way for personalized medicines.

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