Coating to Make Nanoelectronics Stable in Human body conditions

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cyborg Tissue

Researcher Charles Lieber and his team from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the Harvard University have created a new coating that keeps nanoelectronics more stable by mimicking human body conditions. The research brings the idea of creating cyborgs (cyber–genetic organisms) closer to reality.

During the research, scientists found that electronic devices with nanowire components can probe and interact with living cells. Moreover, they are much smaller than the medical devices used today. Hence, Lieber and his team further integrated nanoelectronics into living tissues in three dimensions so as to create a close resemblance to a cyborg tissue. However, these devices fell apart within a few days of being implanted.

Researchers then found out that coating the silicon nanowires with a metal oxide shell allows the nanowire device to last for months. The new coating can also be used in small medical devices for monitoring health and diseases.

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