Drug to Tackle Nuclear Radiation

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nuke Medicine

A study published in the journal Laboratory Investigation states that scientists have discovered a drug that can combat the deadly effects of nuclear radiation even after 24 hours of exposure.

Scientists during lab experiments administered mice exposed to nuclear radiation with investigative peptide drug TP508 after 24 hours. The drug increased the survival time by counteracting the damage to gastrointestinal system. Nuclear radiation is characterised by gastrointestinal or GI, toxicity syndrome. GI damage decreases the ability of the body to absorb water and cause electrolyte imbalance, bacterial infection, intestinal leakage, sepsis and death.

Peptide drug TP508 is poised at stimulating repair of skin, bone and muscle tissue. The drug during human clinical trials was reported to increase healing of diabetec ulcers and wrist fractures with no adverse effects. It could be effective in countering nuclear radiation after 24 hours, something that is very promising as victims would have time in hand to reach health centres. 

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