Energy Storing Power Paper

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Powerful Paper

Researchers from the Linkoping University, Sweden have developed a ‘power paper’ comprising of nanocellulose and conductive polymer that has the ability to store energy. The paper, which is made from renewable cellulose and easily available polymer, is waterproof and light in weight and contains no dangerous chemicals such as those of regular batteries and capacitors.

A sheet of this paper is about 15 centimetres in diameter and a few tenths of a millimetre thick that can store energy similar to the super capacitors which are currently available in the market. Moreover, the sheet can be recharged for hundreds of times, each charge taking only a few seconds. Currently, thin films that act as capacitors are in existence. However, scientists have produced a material in three dimensions and thick sheets.

The power paper resembles a plastic paper, the material of which has set a new world record in simultaneous conductivity for ions and electrons, implying its exceptional capacity in storing energy.

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