First Successful Open Heart Surgery Performed Using 3D Technology

Friday, March 18, 2016

3D Open Heart Surgery

Doctors from Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Centre at People’s Hospital of Jilin, China have performed the first successful open heart surgery with the help of a 3D printed heart model. The surgery was performed on a 9–month–old baby suffering from Congenital Heart Defect.

This surgery is the first of its kind performed using 3D printing technology in which, a full–sized heart replica modelled the boy’s cardiac structure and helped the doctors to plan the operation. The model gave doctors a clue about where and how much big the incision must be made. This enabled the doctors to spend only half the time to complete the surgery than what they had anticipated.

The boy suffered from total pulmonary venous anomalous drainage, a condition in which, all four of his pulmonary veins were malpositioned. He also suffered from atrial septal defect, causing the blood to flow between the upper chambers of the heart. The boy is now recuperating in the general ward of the hospital.

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