Genetic Research to Find Cancer Symptoms

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In your genes

Over 1000 scientists and a European Union (EU) consortium undertook an international research study wherein groups of over 1,00,000 patients having cancer and 1,00,000 healthy individuals from the general population were studied.

The research was the largest of the world’s genotyping project. It was targeted to identify the genetic alterations that influence the risk of common cancers. The research has consequently revealed that there are 80 genetic ‘spelling mistakes’ that is a factor that would increase the risk of cancers in people.

The scientists compared the genes of the cancer patients and the healthy population through analysis and when the cancer patients had significant different compositions compared to healthy subjects, the differences were considered to be relevant to the risk of developing the disease. These differences are the ‘spelling mistakes.’

Every cancerous tumour is born with its own distinct genetic history. The scientists carrying out the experiment could identify the individuals whose genetic characteristics, could help narrow down on the features that are more probable to develop cancer. The success of this research would clearly open the doors for advanced cancer diagnosis and the results would prove helpful for patients to be treated early on, thereby helping to reduce the rate of cancer-related deaths.

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