Germ Killing Door Handle

Thursday, June 25, 2015

UV Protection

In what could ward off fears among people of contracting disease through contact, two high school students from Hong Kong have developed a door handle that is capable of killing 99.8 percent germs. Door handles play a crucial role in passing on the germs of flu and cold. A sick person deposits germs on door handles of bathroom and office whenever he/she uses it to open the door.

The handle developed by Simon Wong and Michael Li uses two different germ killing techniques. For the door handle they used Titanium Oxide which is known for its anti-bacterial properties. However, the naturally occurring metal doesn’t kill 100 percent of surface bacteria and it requires an external agent to boost its capabilities. The duo then fitted the door handle with special UV emitting glass cylinder. Every time someone touches the door handle, the UV light activates inside the cylinder and instantly kills 99.8 percent germs.

What’s more interesting about this system is that it uses the door’s kinetic energy to produce electricity which powers the UV light. All this comes for a price tag of $13 which makes it very affordable for the masses. People currently use sanitizers to keep germs at bay, but this product is a one time investment.


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