Grilled and Barbecued Meat May Up Kidney Cancer Risk

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Carcinogenic Meat

Researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston have stated that pan fried, grilled or barbecued meat that are cooked at high temperatures or in open flame may increase the risk of kidney cancer. The study published in the journal CANCER reports that meat rich diet may increase the risk of kidney cancer through mechanisms related to certain cooking compounds. However, the association may be modified by genetic susceptibility to kidney cancer.

The research shows how diet and genetics may interact to increase cancer risk. Researchers in their study said that incidence of renal cancer carcinoma (RCC), a common form of kidney cancer, has been constantly increasing in US and other developed nations across the world. Researchers therefore thought that a western lifestyle consisting of meat and processed meat may play an important role in RCC.

Thereafter researchers studied the link between genetic risk and dietary intake in 659 newly diagnosed patients with RCC. In the ensuing results, it was found that these patients consumed more red and white meat when compared with cancer-free individuals.

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