High Sugar Intake Can Lead to Cancer

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Sugary Cancer

A study undertaken by the researchers from the University of Texas suggests that high sugar intake not only increases the risks of diabetes and obesity but also the risks of breast and lung cancer. The study funded by the National Institute of Health found out that a sugary diet will more likely cause breast cancer with the inflammation of the mammary gland as the cause.

The study warns that high amounts of dietary sugar in a typical Western diet might increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs. Researchers claimed the following after studying the impact of sugar on mammary gland tumour of mice. They conducted four different studies in which, mice were randomised to different groups and were fed one of the four diets.

Results showed that at six months old, 30% of the mice on a starch–control diet had measurable tumours whereas 50 to 58% of the mice on sucrose–enriched diets had developed mammary tumours. It was figured out that the number of lung metastases were drastically higher in mice on the sucrose diet than mice on the starch–control diet.

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