Humans Will Now Listen to Stars

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Star Sound

The recent path–breaking discovery of gravitational waves has led the scientists to conclude that the mankind now will not just see stars but would also hear them.

The ripples in the fabric of spacetime led to the discovery of gravitational waves by the scientists from Laser Interferometer Wave Observatory (LIGO). The signal received by LIGO due to the merger of black holes was subsequently played on speakers for the eager scientists. "For this binary black hole system, it made a distinctive, rising 'whoooop!' sound”, said Matthew Evans, an assistant professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Evans further added, "This detection means that the stars are no longer silent. It's not that we just look up and see anymore, like we always have, we actually can listen to the Universe now".

The first mention of gravitational waves was made byAlbert Einstein about 100 years ago, which was recently detected by the scientists with the help of mirrors, camera and monitoring and data retrieval systems.


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