Key to Reverse Ageing Found

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reverse Ageing

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School and University of NSW have discovered the reason for ageing and have found a way to reverse it through a chemical. The method replicates the process of exercise and good diet and helps keep the body young.

Researchers found out that as we grow older, the mitochondria or the batteries of the cells that gives nucleus the energy to perform vital functions communicate in an inferior way due to the decreasing quantity of nicotinamide adenine–dinucleotide or NAD. This inferior communication leads to muscle degradation, inflammation and other aspects of old age.

To counter the ageing process, researchers injected NAD into the bodies of older mice to repair and mend the network between mitochondria and nucleus, thus, mimicking the effects of exercise or good diet. Researchers observed that these injected mice had distinguished muscles and were similar to the younger ones.

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