Laser Technique to Detect Diabetes, Cancer

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Laser Treatment

Scientists from the University of Adelaide are developing a new laser system that analyses the breath of a person to detect a range of diseases including diabetes, infections and various cancers. Researchers have equated the device to an ‘optical dog’s nose’ that uses laser to measure the molecular content of a sample of gas.

The laser system will use light to sense the range of molecules which are byproducts of metabolic processes in the body. The levels of these molecules change when things go wrong. A number of studies using this method around the world have proven fruitful in detecting diseases such as lung and oesophageal cancer, asthma and diabetes even before its symptoms started showing externally.

The laser technique offers instant results, high sensitivity and has the ability to test a range of molecules at once which makes it a promising product for a comprehensive health screening. 

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