LED Lights May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

LED Treatment

Researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology have figured out a way to prevent the build up of a protein that is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease by using blue LED lights. Scientists during their experiment used blue LED lights to prevent abnormal clotting of beta-amyloid plaques that are known to cause Alzheimer’s disease by using photo-excited porphyrins.

The results of the research are encouraging as it could pave the way for light induced treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Light induced treatments use organic photosensitisers to treat the disease on time. Many doctors while treating cancer use photodynamic therapies during which a patient is injected with an organic photosensitiser and a light is shed on the patient’s lesion. However, the therapy has never been used to treat neurodegenerative disease.

Scientists during their experiment tested the blue LED lights on fruit flies that were engineered to model Alzheimer on invertebrates. After the research it was revealed that the LED light therapy alleviated the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. 

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