New Technology to Develop Solid Lithium Batteries

Monday, January 04, 2016

Non–Flammable Batteries

Researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology and Seoul National University in South Korea have discovered a new way to develop an all–solid–state lithium batteries that do not explode or burn easily. The method involves melting the solid electrolyte and coating it around electrodes.

The organic liquid found in lithium–ion batteries can easily burn but an all–solid–state batteries are non–flammable. Nevertheless, the powder type of solid electrolyte does not permeate as compared to the liquid electrolyte. If the contact between the electrolyte and electrodes is not active, then it would be more difficult to move lithium–ion to the electrode.

Scientists, therefore, developed a technique called the solution–process to coat active materials with solid electrolyte. It works by diffusing the powder type of active material in the liquid from the melted solid electrolyte and vaporising the solvent. Thereafter, it becomes possible to coat the layers of solid electrolyte on active materials. The research was published in the online journal Advanced Materials.

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