Now Fix Your Tooth Decay without Drilling and Filling

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sans Drill & Fill

Researchers from the University of Sydney have found out that tooth decay could be stopped, reversed and prevented without the use of drill and fill technique, which is followed by the dentists around the world. A research undertaken in this regard revealed that the need for fillings was reduced by almost 30–50% through preventive oral care.

Researchers have proposed the Caries Management System (CMS) that involves the assessment of tooth decay risk, interpretation of dental X–rays and specific treatment of early decay (decay that is not yet a cavity). The CMS treatment has four aspects namely coating sites of early decay with high concentration of fluoride varnish, improving tooth brushing skills at home, restriction on the between–meal snacks and sugar–laced beverages and risk specific monitoring. The CMS approach was tested in the general dental practices in New South Wales and Canberra.

Studies related to tooth decay for more than 50 years have shown that decay is not always progressive, rather it develops more slowly. For instance, a tooth decay may take anywhere between four and eight years to transform into a cavity. Therefore, there is enough time to detect the decay and prevent it from developing into a cavity.

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