Over-Usage of Smartphones Making Kids Cross-Eyed

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cross-Eyed Kids

Researchers from Chonnam National University Hospital, South Korea, have warned that excessive use of smartphones by kids can cause them to suffer from eye deviation. The study says that children holding mobile phones too close to their face are at an increased risk of becoming cross-eyed.

Researchers suspected that there is a possible relationship between convergent strabismus, a condition in which a patient’s eyes moves inward eventually to become cross-eyed, and excessive use of smartphones.

Researchers for the project studied 12 patients aged between 7 and 16 whose daily smartphone use lied anywhere between four and eight hours. Doctors, during this project, were also able to reverse the cross-eyed phenomenon in 9 out of 12 patients by stopping them from using smartphones for two months. Researchers thus established a connection between smartphone use and cross eye. They suggested that cell phone use be limited to 30-minute intervals followed by a break for the eyes.

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