Personal Aircraft Likely to be a Reality by 2018

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Personal Aircraft

A German start-up company Lilium Aviation is designing an electric two-seater aircraft that can take off noiselessly from the backyard of any house. Its engineers claim that the plane can travel at a top speed of 250 mph.

The plane can take off vertically which means that it need not fly from an airport but can be parked outside a house or in a garden. The electric plane can be powered from any wall socket. It uses ducted fan which makes it simpler, quieter and safer than conventional helicopters. “Our goal is to develop an aircraft for use in everyday life. We are going for a plane that does not need the complex and expensive infrastructure of an airport,” said Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium Aviation.

The plane has a range of 500 kilometres and will be on sale from 2018. “To reduce noise and pollution, we are using electric engines so it can also be used close to urban areas,” said Daniel. The plane features a touch screen and flyby-wire joystick controls, retractable landing gear, wing doors, large storage and panoramic windows.

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