Planet 9 Could Spell Doom for Earth

Friday, April 01, 2016


Scientists have found clues about a mysterious and dangerous planet sitting on the edge of our solar system and they suggest that it is responsible for periodic extinctions on earth. The planet has been linked to an unknown Planet 9.

According to the scientists, this planet might trigger the comet showers directed towards the earth in the inner solar system every 27 million years. Once they smash into the earth, they could reduce the sunlight from reaching us, thus, triggering mass extinction events. According to researchers, Planet 9 is about 10 times the size of the earth and nearly 1,000 times further from the sun than we are.

Scientists proposed that Planet 9 moves around the solar system, and passes through Kuiper Belt– an area in the outer solar system consisting of icy objects in every 27 million years from where it knocks down the comets into the inner solar system.

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