Portable Laboratory for Faster Cancer Detection

Monday, November 02, 2015

Portable Laboratory

Scientists from Loughborough University, UK have developed the world’s first portable labin-a-briefcase that can operate at high temperatures to detect cancer in developing countries. The portable laboratory will enable early detection of cancer by measuring its biomarkers.

Dr Nuno Reis from Loughborough University developed the product keeping in mind the lack of adequate technology to support laboratory in developing countries. The briefcase contains four devices; a manual multi-syringe that is capable of performing up to 80 simultaneous tests from whole blood cells, microwell plates pre-loaded with assay reagents; a portable USB-powered film scanner to image the test strips; and a portable computer for real-time data analysis. The portable lab requires only one operator to conduct the test within 15 minutes.

The technology, similar to pregnancy test has already been tested by Reis to detect prostrate cancer with the help of a smartphone camera. The device is both inexpensive and simple to use.


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