Prosthetic Foot that Lets Disabled Women Wear Heels

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Inching High

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University, US, have developed the first non-custom prosthetic foot to help women with prosthetic legs wear heels up to four inches high.

“High heels have become an integral part of the female lifestyle in modern society, permeating through all aspects of life professional and social,” said researchers from Johns Hopkins University. Scientists therefore took up the challenge of creating a foot that adjusts without a separate tool to a range of heel heights, holds position without slipping, supports up to 113 kg and weighs less than 1 kg. There are many prosthetic feet available in the market but most are built to fit men’s shoes and none can adjust to a heel more than two inches high which is less than the average women’s heel height in the US.

Nearly 2,100 women have lost a leg or foot in military service and with more and more women entering military service, the demand for prosthetic legs are likely to grow, researchers noted.

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