Radio Waves Might Power Smartphones in the Future: Mobile Inventor

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Radio Wave Charging

Future mobile phones could be charged using radio waves believes Marty Cooper, inventor of mobile phone. Cooper at present is on the board of Energous, a company that has won an approval from US to test the feasibility of charging mobile phones using radio waves.

This seems possible because at present Energous uses a miniature transmitter to power small gadgets such as hearing aids with the help of radio waves. However, these devices need to be in direct contact with the transmitter in order to work. Steve Rizzone, CEO of Energous, said that the next approach would be to devise a technology that could charge devices a few inches away. “Keeping your phone charger around is a real annoyance and it is going to be an increasing problem,” Cooper said.

Although radio waves do not offer a lot of power yet they could be harnessed to their potential using the right receiver and transmitter. Hence radio waves could power the phones of tomorrow.

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