Scientists Create Harder Substance than Diamond

Friday, December 04, 2015

Harder Than Diamond

Scientists from North Carolina State University have developed a technique for creating a substance that is a third form of carbon apart from graphite and diamond. According to the scientists, the new substance known as Q–Carbon is even harder than the diamonds, which is the strongest material on earth.

Lead scientist of the project, Jay Narayan went on to claim that they can even create a carat of diamonds in just 15 minutes. According to the researchers, the process of making Q–Carbon leads to the creation of minuscule synthetic diamond seeds that can yield gems. Moreover, unlike the traditional industrial process, the technique can be carried out at room temperature and in the air pressure. The scientists, however, report that the process of creating synthetic gemstones dwindles next to possible applications of Q–Carbon which is magnetic, fluorescent and electroconductive. The study published in the journal ‘Applied Physics’ reveals that a tiny laser beam directed on a piece of amorphous carbon for about 200 nanoseconds heats it quickly. The carbon after cooling transforms into Q–Carbon.

The Q–carbon can be used for creating synthetic body parts and deep water drills and for producing brighter and long–lasting screens for television and cell phones.

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