Seaweed That Can Help Lose Weight

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Weight Loss Weed

Scientists from Newcastle University have identified a certain type of seaweed which has proven to be very effective in helping lose weight by preventing absorption of fat.

The seaweed known as alginates is commonly used in jams as stabilizers or in beer to maintain the head on pint. Researchers state that it could reduce the amount of fat available for the body to absorb by 75%. Alginates work by blocking pancreatic lipase from breaking down the fats to help prevent its digestion and absorption by the body which is the main reason for obesity. This makes it much more effective than most anti-obesity treatments currently available.

The weed used in bread during trials, reduced people's fat intake by a third. The weeds are natural fibre found in sea kelp and are one of the largest commercially used seaweeds. Scientists are now looking forward to start its full clinical trials.

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