Shock Absorbers that Produce Charge

Monday, June 07, 2010

Energy Absorber

A company by the name Levant Power Corporation has announced that it has designed shock absorbers that can produce electricity. These absorbers can convert the bumps and hurdles of rough roads into usable electricity for vehicles.

The shock absorbers known as GenShocks converts the kinetic energy, that is generated when the car bounces vertically while hitting a pothole, into electricity, unlike normal absorbers which are used only for suspension. The device lowers fuel consumption by 1% and 6% depending on the road and vehicle as it produces energy to power windshield wipers, air conditioners and lights.

The GenShocks looks no different from ordinary shock absorbers. However, they are connected to an electrical power cord which is plugged into a power box that regulates the electricity they produce. Though they cost a bit more, they make up for it by saving a lot of money because of improved fuel economy which makes it a greener and cost-efficient option for modern day roads.

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