Smart Umbrella to Predict Rains

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Smart Umbrella

A company by the name Wezzoo from France has developed a smart umbrella that notifies the user about the weather conditions, including when it will rain. For this, the umbrella has to be paired with a Smartphone app.

Known as ‘Oombrella’, the smart umbrella is fitted with a capsule having sensors for air pressure, humidity, temperature and light. It also notifies its user if it is being left behind. The setup of the umbrella is such that it tells its user, whether or not it will rain in the next 15 minutes via Bluetooth connection. Moreover, it can record weather data and alert users with the help of a special buzzer and light about an incoming call.

The ribs of the umbrella are made up of Kevlar, a synthetic fibre of high tensile strength and the umbrella can withstand storms, hailstorms and snow storms. The handle of Oombrella is waterproof, thereby, protecting the inside components from rainwater. The canopy on the other hand is UV–resistant.

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