Strong Painkiller Made By Snail Spit

Saturday, July 31, 2010


A team of scientists have unearthed the secret to a strong painkiller which they claim can be created from the saliva of the sea snail. The new pain-relief pill is derived from a chemical found in the saliva of the sea snails.

This particular chemical is used by the snails to catch prey. The snails produce the saliva which contains a deadly amount of peptide toxins to help it catch prey due to its disadvantageous slow pace. They inject this chemical into the passing prey with needle-like teeth that shoot out of their mouths.

The chemical is a great painkiller, as effective as morphine but minus the risk of addiction that morphine carries. Though the scientists have transformed the chemical into a pain-killer, it needs to be injected directly into the spinal cord and thus only a limited amount can be used. In spite of this, the scientists believe it is a better pain-relief method than the present ones and a natural one too.

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