Solar Flares Could Destroy Earth Life

Friday, December 04, 2015


Scientists from the University of Warwick have warned that superflares from the sun could destroy much of the life on earth by disrupting power grids and communication systems. They asserted that the sun has the potential to produce superflares with energy equivalent to a billion megaton nuclear bombs.

Scientists issued the warning after witnessing a huge superflare erupting from a binary star KIC9655129 with similar wave patterns which was found in the sun’s solar flares. They believed that due to the similar wave patterns, the underlying physics of the flares of both the star and the sun might be same.

Communication systems are occasionally disturbed on earth due to solar weather disruption but it is easier to overcome these disturbances. However, the new study suggests that any potential superflare could disrupt life on earth. Flares occur when magnetic energy built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released causing massive outburst of radiation.

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