Solid Batteries: A Lifelong Affair

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lifetime Power

Scientists from MIT and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology are working on a new battery that could change the face of the battery industry. The new battery, scientists claim will not blow up, hold more charge and will last much forever.

The new batteries are in solid state unlike the current lithium-ion batteries that uses liquid electrolyte. This makes the new batteries safer and more effective. The findings published in Nature states that the batteries are capable of holding 20-30 percent more charge. Lithium-ion batteries presently used in phones, cars and planes are a cause of big concern since they often blow up and catch fire known as electrolyte fires. The grounding of Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jets in 2013 are linked to electrolyte fires.

The lithium in these new batteries are in solid state and therefore chances of an explosion are less. Further, the batteries are capable of performing quickly in the cold and according to scientists they are capable of lasting for hundreds of thousands of cycles.  

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