Study shows X-Ray, CT scan not a Cause of Cancer

Friday, February 05, 2016

Harmless Radiation

Oncologists from the Loyola University, Canada have asserted that the belief that radiation from the X–rays and CT scan can cause cancer are vague and based on an unproven decades’ old theoretical model that has never been proven conclusively. The linear no–threshold (LNT) model is used to estimate cancer risks from low dose radiation such as medical imaging.

The LNT model prevents many physicians from using appropriate imaging techniques, all in the name of avoiding exposure to radiation. Researchers, in order to clear the suspicion surrounding the imaging procedures, re–examined the original studies that led to the adoption of LNT model 70 years ago. While studying papers, they discovered that the data reported back then does not support the LNT model completely.

The model shows that the cancer causing effects of high doses of radiation were extended downwards in a straight line to very low doses. On the other hand, the human body has adapted to repair damage from a low–dose radiation that naturally occurs in the environment. It is assumed that there is no safe dose of radiation, no matter how small. Hence, researchers suggested that the LNT model should be scrapped.

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