Super Stretchy Self -Healing Polymer Could be an Artificial Muscle

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Artificial Muscle

Scientists from Stanford University, US have developed a polymer that can stretch to about hundred times its length and even self-heal at room temperature. It can therefore be useful as an artificial muscle.

The super stretchy self -healing polymer is made up of rubber-like plastic known as an elastomer that expands and contracts when exposed to an electrical field. The material is different from electrically-responsive artificial polymers as these polymers become useless once they are cut or punctured. The new polymer on the other hand fuses back together on being punctured. The material could self-repair in a commercial walk-in freezer or even at temperatures as low as minus 20° C.

The super stretchy polymer is a 2.5 centimetre sheet of stuff and can be stretched out to a length of 2.5 metres. The study has been published in the journal, Nature Chemistry.

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