Tape-Like Material That Traps Water Droplets

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sticky Tapes

Scientists from the University of Sydney have developed a nanostructured material that could be painted onto various surfaces to act as a sticky tape for water droplets. The new material is based on rose petals’ ability to retain water onto it.

The tape uses raspberry particles wherein it mimics the surface structure of rose petals which are water repellent as the water forms in beads of spherical shape on top of them. The team replicated the rose petals’ structure by assembling the raspberry particles in a lab using spherical micro and nanoparticles.

The resultant raspberry films prevent the water from dripping off, like a sticky tape holding up the water even when turned upside down. Scientists state the film has a variety of practical applications such as preventing condensation on the airplane windshields to rapidly processing simple medical tests on free-standing droplets, to quick-dry walls and roofs that could help cool down houses. The invention has numerous commercial benefits and the team is working on producing these particles on a large-scale. Lead author of the research, Dr. Andrew Telford said this could help them design a surface that does whatever you want it to do.

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