Teleportation of Photons

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


A group of Chinese scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China have successfully teleported information from one photon to another. The photonic teleportation was executed through quantum entanglement over a distance of 16 km.

Teleportation in fiction usually means transfer of matter from one point to another. Theory says that bits of light and matter can entangle with one another and anything that happens to one particle will happen to the other, regardless of the distance or overruling matter. Chinese scientists managed to transmit change of state information from photon to photon over a distance of 16km, a feat which can prove to be a catalyst for advanced satellite communication.

This can speed up current communication processes such as phone call. Although there would be no increase in the speed of the call, it would however be impenetrable and secure. Another prospect is that it could lead to faster and smaller quantum based computers and encrypted unbreakable communication.

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