Possible re-growth of limbs for amputees

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Salamander Way

Scientists from the Hanover Medical School in Germany have found a way through which amputees can regenerate their lost limbs. The scientists have claimed that they are on the verge of achieving the knowledge as to how a salamander can re-grow its lost legs and damaged organs.

The research was carried on by putting the Axolotl salamander under the knife, and anaesthesia to study the re-growth of its damaged organs. The scientists state that the Axolotl contains an enzyme called amblox which makes it unique in the animal kingdom. They say that if the Axolotl’s genes can be transplanted to humans, there is a strong possibility of regeneration of lost limbs.

The only glitch is that the scientists would have to create the amblox artificially. The initial tests on humans have been encouraging, the wounds healing faster and skin growing back at a faster pace was the conclusion of the tests.

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