The Secret to Living Beyond 100 Years

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beyond 100

Scientists from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing, London and Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo have discovered the secret to live beyond the age of 100. The study published in the online journal EbioMedicine involved participation by 100 people.

According to the study, the key to live life beyond 100 has two factors – long telemores and low inflammation. Telemores are long chains of human cells that control ageing and are known to cap ends of chromosomes. As and when a person ages, telemores reduce in size which accelerates the ageing process. Inflammation on the other hand is known to cause many diseases among the elderly which includes diabetes, bone and joint problem and chronic inflammation.

Scientists noticed that people who participated in the research have telemores that shrank slowly. A similar trait was also found in their children. The study however maintained that length of the telemore did not predict successful ageing in people who are extremely old but it established the connection between length of the telemore and old age. According to the United Nations estimates of 2012, there are 316,000 centenarians living around the world. 

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