Under Trial Cancer Vaccine for Killing Tumours

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cancer Vaccine

In what could be a groundbreaking research in the fight against cancer, British scientists have designed a vaccine that has to be injected in a patient suffering from cancer. According to the researchers, the vaccine stimulates the immune system so that it destroys tumours wherever they have spread in the body.

Kelly Potter, 35, a Briton is the first patient to receive the vaccine. She was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer in July 2015 and is part of a vaccine trial program that will run over the next two years involving up to 30 volunteers. Patients who would be participating in the trial will be prescribed a chemotherapy drug at low doses so that it empowers their immune system to attack the body’s own cancer cells.

"To be part of this trial has changed my life for the better. It's been a very positive experience and really interesting. I feel honoured to be involved. You get the best treatment anyway at the Guy's (Hospital she is being treated at) but it's fantastic to be part of something that could be groundbreaking," Kelly said.

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