Warmer Climate Sees a Decline in Birth Rate

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Less Births

Economists from Tulane University, University of California Santa Barbara and University of Central Florida have in their findings reported that warm weather leads to diminished coital frequency that results in lesser birth rate. The findings published in the National Bureau of Economic Research states that hot weather as high as 80° F causes a large decline in births in the following 10 months.

Economists in order to substantiate their reports analysed US fertility and temperature data of past 80 years. It was found that an extra hot day leads to a drop of 0.4% in birth rates nine months later or 1,165 less births across America. However, what is surprising is the fact that a rebound in the following months makes up just 32% of the gap.

The study has given world leaders another chance to take up the issue of climate change seriously. Recently, China ended its decade long policy of one child and allowed couples to have two children. Decline in birth rate can have serious economic implications in a country among other consequences.


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