World’s Largest Telescope

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Mega Telescope

The European Union (EU) has initiated a project to build the world’s largest telescope to solve the mysteries of the unsolved universe with a lens so big that there’s a vast range to observe space.

The construction site for this massive telescope is the 3,000 metre high mountain of Cerro Armazones in central part of Chile’s Atacama Desert. The E-ELT (Extremely Large European Telescope) is a revolutionary scientific project, with a 39 metre diameter mirror that will gather 15 times more light and sharper images than any other existing telescopes.

This is a big development in the field of astrophysics, for it will be easier to study intergalactic bodies or even planets with greater detail. Such an enormous device would also help in averting disasters by alerting meteorological departments.

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