Computer Model That Stimulates Brain Rest

Monday, July 15, 2013

Virtual Daydreamer

Scientists from Washington University have developed a virtual model of the brain that has the ability to day dream like humans. This brain, scientists claim can help to efficiently diagnose and treat brain injuries.

Researchers have created the brain according to the dynamics of brain cells which are connected to numerous cells in the brain region. They believe the model will help in understanding why certain portions in the brain work together when a person daydreams or is mentally idle.

The model will help doctors get a better grasp of the anatomy of the brain internally. Scientists identified various ‘resting state’ brain networks which are groups of different brain regions that show levels of activity when the brain is at rest. Researchers stimulated small groups of neurons to send a signal to the brain. Based on the data from scans, they put up 66 units in each side of the brain.

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