Cutting Sugar Intake Improves Children’s Health in 10 Days

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cutting Sugar Intake

A study published in the journal Obesity reports that obese children who cut their sugar intake see improvements in their blood pressure, cholesterol readings and other health markers in just 10 days. The study undertaken by scientists from the University of California has proved that a child’s metabolic health can be improved if sugar is taken out from his diet.

The study was financed by the National Institutes of Health wherein scientists planned a clinical experiment to check whether consumption of sugar is harming health or not. Therefore in order to proceed with the experiment, they removed food with added sugar from obese children’s diet and replaced them with other types of carbohydrates so that their overall weight and calorie intake remains the same.

Interestingly after 10 days, these children showed remarkable improvements in their health with little or no loss to their weight. The results also revealed that all calories do not possess the same quality and that the calorie from sugar heavily contributes to Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. The study has taken off the veil over the effect of consuming sugar in the form of sugary drinks and foods.

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