Vest That Warns of Heart Attack

Friday, February 24, 2012

Precautionary Vest

A British company Verathon Medical has manufactured a new cardiac vest that can diagnose heart attacks efficiently and faster than other devices. The vest can detect heart attacks as soon as they happen which is essential for saving a patient’s life.

The current electrocardiograph (ECG) method which has been around for 60 years has limitations and patients may face delays of up to 12 hours for blood tests that could be dangerous. The new vest known as Heartscape can not only diagnose an attack but also indicate the location of the problem in the heart.

The vest contains 80 sensors attached to a patient’s chest and back that can diagnose a heart attack 12 hours earlier which could be of great benefit to heart patients. The device enables a 3D view of the heart making it easier for doctors to interpret whether the patient is suffering from cardiac arrest, thus enabling an early treatment. It also allows doctors to have a 360° view of the heart. 

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