Ear on Arm to Connect to the Internet

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ear Remote

An Australian artist by the name Stelarc is growing an ear on his arm which he plans to use as an internet-connected ‘remote listening device’. An ear like structure has already appeared on Stelarc’s arm and it has its own blood vessel much like other tissues and organs in the body.

The idea to grow a third ear was first conceived by Stelarc back in 1996. It however took him a decade before he could find a team of doctors ready to work on his unusual idea. The doctors thereafter inserted a scaffold underneath his skin. Soon after this, within six months, tissue and blood vessels formed around the structure.

Stelarc plans to make the ear more three-dimensional, that is lift it off the arm and grow an ear lobe from his stem cell. A miniature microphone that can wirelessly connect to the internet will then be inserted in it which will act as a remote listening device for people in other places. Through this ear, other people will remotely be able to follow a conversation and track the person with ear through GPS. 

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